Kazuba Rendezvous

Kazuba Rendezvous is a duo project of Javier Trejo on guitar, vocals, and kazoo and Riley Goodemote on tuba and flugabone. Their sound takes its inspiration from jugband jumps and speakeasy stomps, so one way or another, your feet will be moving when they start playing! Sometimes they'll add a washboard or drum set player, sometimes they'll add another horn or two or several to triple in size - that's what the Kazuba Rendezvous is all about. 

You can find them wailin' on stage at your favorite saloon or juke joint, or crooning in the corner of the finest ballrooms. They're right at home wherever there's good music needed, and you'll be at home listening to them. 

Kazuba Cover.jpg

 About half of the Kazuba repertoire  the better part of a century ago on the ink-stained songwriters desks of New York's Tin Pan Alley or the dusty farmland of the Mississippi River basin. As for the other half of what Kazuba plays: all bets are off, and anything is fair game. They reserve the right to give the Kazuba treatment to anything from classic rock favorites to synth-pop hits to this year's Grammy winners. 


Whether they're playing the old or the new, wherever you hear them, you're sure to say again and again:

"Hey I love that song!"

Check the calendar to find the next Kazuba Rendevous performance.

Solo Performance